About me ?


Let me introduce ourselves: Monique and Joël and we have been traveling for about thirty years.

Our first trip was to discover Thailand for several reasons: d first financial (the cheapest at the time) and emotional (following the description by many friends).

The least I can say is that we got a taste for it, but with a slight downside: group travel, especially when it exceeds 10 people, is a big waste of time and not the least possible prank on the tours menu.

And during these 30 years, we have traveled the world with sometimes two trips a year: a short one (one week) in a fairly short radius and another long haul of about three weeks with rest at the end of the circuit.

Certain countries visited, I am thinking of Guatemala, Laos, Myanmar or Borneo, were unknown at the time of our visits; we found genuine people there and not "rotten" by mass tourism, because now ... It's whole charters like in Cambodia that even governments participate in the " ransacking" of their places of memory by installing hotels, various attractions, etc.

Now the time for regrets: the destruction of part of the Syrian heritage, deforestation for globalization (oil palms) in Indonesia, etc. But also on our side, the impossibility of doing certain planned circuits (for reasons families): Uzbekistan, Bolivia, Peru, Japan.

What we didn't like at all was the behavior of some (mainly fellow citizens) who tend to behave very badly in foreign countries: too many real-life examples!!

And now, we take advantage of our well-deserved retirement to visit our beautiful country (and later Europe) with our motorhome and our girls.

Monique & Joël

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